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In Raleigh there's plenty of beer, hot dogs, and southern charm to go around! This Research Triangle city has so much more to offer than just technology. As one of the premier startup cities in the country, the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill triangle, is where to be to do something <BIG>! With the bustling tech scene and some of the country’s best universities right at your fingertips, there is no need to visit the valley. The area is on the fast track to becoming the Silicon Triangle.

TTS in Raleigh

Tech Talent South’s coding courses are held in the Warehouse District at HQ, one of the most fun and upbeat coworking spaces around. Our community can be found at tech events like the Triangle Ruby Brigade and Triangle Techbreakfast! Raleigh has a strong group of alumni that uplift and support each other in taking their tech and startup dreams to new heights.

Upcoming Courses

Start Date Course Location  
03/27/17 Code Immersion HQ Raleigh Apply Now
03/27/17(Part-Time) Code Immersion HQ Raleigh Apply Now
06/12/17(Part-Time) Code Immersion HQ Raleigh Apply Now
06/12/17(Full-Time) Code Immersion HQ Raleigh Apply Now
TBD Startup Primer Launch Chapel Hill apply now
04/18/17 UX Design for Beginners TBD apply now
06/05/17 Next Level Rails HQ Raleigh apply now
Coming Soon! JavaScript 101 HQ Raleigh apply now
07/15/17 Google Analytics Workshop HQ Raleigh apply now
Coming Soon! Newsletter Wizardry The Nest apply now

* = An asterisk denotes that marked course is held from 1pm-4pm with Office Hours following.

Courses in Raleigh

Code Immersion

Get equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Interested in learning to program or build your own web application? This 8-week immersive program will jump start your journey into the tech scene.

Intro to Web Design and Creation

Spruce up your portfolio, design your next website, or polish your brand. Get armed with the tools needed for front-end web development.

JavaScript 101

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and JS libraries and don't forget to grab your letterman jacket, because we're heading to JavaScript 101!

iOS Development

Grab your iPhone and boot up your Mac, 'cause we're building Apps! Hop on the Apple train and get armed with the resources you need for iOS Mobile Development.

Newsletter Wizardry

Tired of using default email templates? Learn how to code HTML newsletters to be mobile-responsive and cross-email client compatible.

Free Kids Code

Have a kiddo that’s into all things tech? Kids Code is the perfect opportunity for your child to dive in with the basics. They’ll cover HTML, CSS, Ruby and more!

See what some of our students have to say!

Less tangible but vitally important, TTS also provided me with valuable resources: experienced instructors, networking opportunities, presentations by local professionals with advice about what it takes to be a programmer in the real world, as well as encouragement and support every single step of the way.

Kari Weed
Spring 2015

This isn’t high school, and this isn’t college; this is a group of passionate adult learners that want to go somewhere new in life. From starting their own business, to changing careers, to just adding a new skill to their resume, Tech Talent South students are serious about learning because their future depends on it.

Rachel Anderson
Spring 2015

Tech Talent South does it right. My teachers Tim and Dan are rockstars in my eyes. They are there to help with any problems we come up against and explain the solution (and explain again, in my case). I always feel good about what I am learning and never afraid to say I don’t get it.

Ashante Timoll
Spring 2015

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Where Are We?

Find out exactly where you'll learn to code.

HQ Raleigh

Tech Talent South Raleigh hosts code immersion courses at HQ Raleigh, a home to entrepreneurs, change-makers, visionaries and professionals. This beautiful coworking space nurtures companies and individuals. This empowering community is a great place to launch yourself into the tech and startup scene in Raleigh.

HQ Raleigh
310 S Harrington St
Raleigh, NC 27601

Meet The Team

Raleigh Community Organizers and Instructors

Rob Lachenauer

Community Organizer - Raleigh

Tim Upchurch

Code Immersion

Dan Moore

Code Immersion

Sean Ankenbruck

Code Immersion

Alex Augustine

Code Immersion

Brandan Lennox

Code Immersion

Travis Williams

Code Immersion

Ben Akroyd

Code Immersion

Tim Rosenberg

Intro to Web Design and Creation

Seth Rhodes

JavaScript 101

Julie Harrow

Code Immersion

Lukas Barry

Code Immersion

David Fankhauser

Code Immersion

David Lally

JavaScript Application Development