Category: Raleigh Fall 2015

Lessons Learned

My name is Nouni. I’ve always been interested in web development but thought that I needed to be good in math. I started building a website for my own company about 8 years ago. It wasn’t from scratch but I still needed to know HTML. My first website used HTML and Flash. Since then I’ve […]

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A Fresh Start…

After graduating in May of 2013 with two bachelor’s degrees in Information Technology and Marketing, I had a four month internship that led to a full-time job with a small defense contracting company.  I knew this wasn’t the career I was looking for but I stayed with it to build up those magical years-of-experience that […]

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I Dream In Code

About six months ago, I was in need of a change, an adjustment, a something, anything to reenergize my career. I’d been thinking about code for a while, and I’ve always had a sleuth-like mentality when it came to websites. What is this “source code” and how can I manipulate it to make it my […]

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