Category: Charlotte Fall 2015

Looking for a Challenge?

*Note: the following blog post was originally posted as a review on Course Report by Charlotte Part-Time Student, Anna Kate. We’re glad she chose to share it with us after posting. Read on! Learning to code is something I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with. I went to college for art and discovered graphic design, […]

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Overcoming Perfectionism

I’m a perfectionist. And not the cool, “I’m going to work on this project until it’s perfect” kind. No, I’m the “nothing will ever be perfect, so I’m not going to even bother trying” kind. Which has caused me to quit a large number of things throughout my life. Maybe I could’ve been an olympic […]

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Clearing My Career Path

Who knew that I would find the door to a new career by perusing the Internet at 2 AM on my smartphone? See, I have been on an unclear career path for the past few years and having had my own personal “Jerry Maguire” moment earlier this year, I’ve been wondering what career path am […]

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