Category: Atlanta Spring 2016

Models and Methods and Attributes, Oh My!

  I have a great job! Wait, what?! So why am I also a student at TTS? Well, I arrived at my current job through a non-traditional route. I did not previously study computer science or web development or anything along those lines. I have accomplished a lot on my own as well as learned […]

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The Awkwardly Early Girl

When I was a kid I remember getting our first computer. I would spend hours each week building (super, super basic) websites that proudly displayed my name, hobbies, favorite colors, and pretty pictures of ponies. Despite my love for building these little websites, I decided it would be a good idea to pursue a degree […]

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Week 1

tl;dr: TTS is dope, and a cheaper alternative in terms of money, time, and independent networking to obtain the skills and, most likely, even the career opportunities you desire. Done? No? Then keep reading. ^_Ă´ I always wanted to create something great. Do something BIG! But I never knew where to start… I never felt […]

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